Still Here

I apologize for the silence.

I’ve got a move coming up, and it’s kicked my anxiety levels up a few notches.

As a result, I have just kind of sat around and knit or gone out with friends.

There’s not much to do – we sign the lease today (but more likely tomorrow, due to schedules clashing), but I haven’t been able to pack or do anything in the meantime.

I’ve been collecting boxes in a squirrel-like manner, but can’t pack anything because there is absolutely no room.

My current place has a storage unit, so, technically, I could pack things and put them down there.

However, the storage unit is prone to flooding, due to the way the drainage was set up when the developer renovated the place. And when it floods, whoever it is in charge of cleanup is doing it in a way where it promotes the growth of mold.

I’m glad I’m leaving.

But, in the meantime, not much packing has been done. And it’s been driving me crazy. So I’ve been doing a lot of knitting. Mainly socks. I think it’s working – I haven’t flipped out on anyone.

And I haven’t posted, because my writings as of late have been a bit incoherent and repetitive. All one can do in my situation is just sit tight and have a beer.

But the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. The lease will be signed soon, and I can start moving things in!

This new place is fabulous. It even has a coat closet.

I haven’t had a coat closet in 2 years. And, you know what? It’s a pain in the ass. For approximately 9 months in the city of Chicago, you need a coat of some sort. And when you come home and you don’t need to wear a coat anymore, you then have to trek to some part of the apartment where you have designated to be Coat Central.

Also, boots and shoes are in the way and constantly getting tripped on.

Back when I had a coat closet, I put all sorts of things in it – the cat carriers, vacuum cleaners, snow boots.

As it stands right now, the closet space we have is so puny, that we have things like mop buckets and vacuum cleaners sitting in the corner because there is no place to put it. And that drives me crazy.

So, coat closet, linen closet, closets in all 3 bedrooms… all of the things that I use but don’t want to look at will have a place to go.

Have I mentioned I get my own room? Because I get my own room. I’ll be taking photos and blogging about that.



About Baldeesh

I'm a crafty and creative person. I live in Chicago with my 2 cats. I survived the Blizzard of 2011. I make my own soap. I also make my own yogurt. I love travel - especially to England and Scotland.
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One Response to Still Here

  1. Hooray for still-present sanity!

    I’ve lived in my current place easily twice as long as at my old one, but I still think about my old coat closet from time to time. Especially when I trip on a boot.

    Good luck with the move!

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