I’m Going to Live in a Castle!

Well, due to spectacular planning in my part, I have no pictures of the new place to show you.

I ran over there last night to drop off some cleaning supplies, take some measurements and to swap out light bulbs (I’m one of those folks that takes my CFL bulbs with me when I move. They’re not cheap. However, if they’re there first, they get to stay), but I completely forgot the camera.

But all is well, as I finally decided which bedroom I would take as my knitting/crafting/internetting cave.

And I was going to take pictures when I did my running around tonight.

And it decided to thunderstorm.

I persevered. I can do this! I can make a run to the new place! This time, with a camera! And my big plastic tub of yarn! And extra light bulbs! And shelves!

Once I got there, I realized that A) I left the camera at home and B) there was absolutely no way, from the front or the back, to get into the apartment without walking in 2 inches of water.

I was highly annoyed.

How dare the weather interfere with my plans.

How dare the ground around my new apartment is shaped in such a way to hold copious amounts of water!

And how dare my camera didn’t know to come with me when I left!

I put my stuff in the new place (I was already soaking wet), and came home pretty grumpy.

I tweeted about the water.

A friend tweeted back, “You can tell people the new place is a castle. It has a moat, after all.”

And my crabby mood began to lift.

And I started putting things into boxes. And then I realized that I don’t have enough boxes. But I don’t care, because boxes are easy enough to come across in this big city.

The movers will be here on Saturday. Surely I’ll have all of my stuff in boxes by then.

And if not, who cares? My lease officially ends on April 30. I’ll get it over there.


About Baldeesh

I'm a crafty and creative person. I live in Chicago with my 2 cats. I survived the Blizzard of 2011. I make my own soap. I also make my own yogurt. I love travel - especially to England and Scotland.
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