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Still Working On Getting Intrawebs

Hi all! I still do not have internet at the new place. I was supposed to have it on Tuesday, but we’re hoping a technician can come out on Saturday and get it all sorted out then. *crosses fingers* This … Continue reading

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I’m Going to Live in a Castle!

Well, due to spectacular planning in my part, I have no pictures of the new place to show you. I ran over there last night to drop off some cleaning supplies, take some measurements and to swap out light bulbs … Continue reading

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Still Here

I apologize for the silence. I’ve got a move coming up, and it’s kicked my anxiety levels up a few notches. As a result, I have just kind of sat around and knit or gone out with friends. There’s not … Continue reading

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If you haven’t noticed, I have not finished the Knit and Crochet Blog week. I have a perfectly good excuse – boyfriend turned 30, and then I had a quilting class on paper piecing, and spend an entire day with … Continue reading

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Post-Apocalyptic Knitting

You know, I think about apocalyptic situations fairly often. Or, at least, more often than most folks. I think. Anyway, I sometimes I look at my stash and patterns, and I think to myself, “You know, if I had to … Continue reading

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Lost Hats

Day 4 of Knitting and Crochet blog week! Today’s topic: “What ever happened to ________? Write about the fate of a past knitting project.” Oh, I could go into the fates of a couple of knitting projects. I’ll limit it … Continue reading

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