Was That a Moth?

It’s summertime in Chicago. Actually, we just got done having a heat wave that made Hell seem like a nice place to vacation.

Seriously. 10 days of just under or above 100 degree temperatures.

And I know that with summertime, bugs happen to wander indoors.

Earlier today, I saw a moth. I killed it, and then Googled “wool moth.”

Looks like we have a match.

Freaked out for a few seconds, then looked up my options.

Inspect everything, bag everything and freeze it appears to be the way to go. There were also many suggestions of putting them someplace where they’re at least 120 degrees or above.

Unfortunately, our heat wave just ended, otherwise I’d bag up some stuff and stick it in my car. I’m pretty sure it got over 120 in there at least once this past week.

So far, I’ve inspected and bagged my socks. They’re now in the freezer.

Going to go out later today and pick up some of those giant heavy-duty zipper bags and inspect and bag more things tonight. Then talk to my mom about storing some stuff in her freezer.

All in all, it’s not a huge, crazy emergency. And it’s not a huge pain in the ass like a roach or bedbug infestation would be.

Just seeing one moth does not mean that everything I have is ruined. From some of the researching I did (and do check out UC Davis’s website on moth control), it appears that this is pretty easy to remedy.

I’ll be doing inspecting tonight, and I’ll post tomorrow with an update!


About Baldeesh

I'm a crafty and creative person. I live in Chicago with my 2 cats. I survived the Blizzard of 2011. I make my own soap. I also make my own yogurt. I love travel - especially to England and Scotland.
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