First Non-Blanket Baby Project!

Normally, when I knit for new moms, I knit things that require zero special care.

So it has to be stuff that’s washable, that doesn’t need to be blocked or laid flat to dry or anything.

Yeah, they make superwash wool, but sometimes it really isn’t all that superwash, and you never know what you’re going to get and when and blah, blah, blah.

So when I typically make baby items, they tend to be made from acrylic.

I’m not a fan of acrylic. There’s only a few brands I’ve knit with, and I wasn’t all that fond of them.

For one, there’s the feel. Two, you can’t really weave in ends. Yeah, there’s Fray-Check, but it’s not the same (plus, if you go overboard, then it’s all stiff in parts…).

I’ve always heard that baby sweaters are quick and all, but I didn’t want to make a baby sweater out of acrylic. And I didn’t want to make a baby sweater out of wool, because I wouldn’t have anyone to give it to.

Then one of my fellow knitters became pregnant.

Perfect time to take the plunge! Knit something I’ve never knit before! Out of superwash wool!

So I made this:

Helena Baby Sweater

Helena Baby Sweater

It’s the Helena Baby Sweater from the summer 2008 Knitty.

I loved it!

Took about a week to knit. I did learn some new techniques – top-down cardigan knitting was the big one.

I used Miss Babs’ “Yowza, Whatta Skein!” in light worsted. The color – My Kelley.

The yarn was a DREAM to knit with. Some superwashes bug my throat a little bit. This one didn’t. I wet-blocked the swatch – no bleeding. That was a pleasant surprise. The twist was fantastic. No splitting. I’ll be buying this yarn again for sure!

Great pattern + great yarn = very happy Megan!


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I'm a crafty and creative person. I live in Chicago with my 2 cats. I survived the Blizzard of 2011. I make my own soap. I also make my own yogurt. I love travel - especially to England and Scotland.
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