For the Love of Shawls…

At one point, I was a shawl knitting machine.

I knit them out of worsted weight, and I knit them out of sock weight.

I guess they’re technically “shawlettes” because they’re not quite as big as regular shawls. But they are a good size and they are perfect to wear as scarves.

And the worsted weight ones kept my neck quite warm this past winter. And the lighter weight ones kept the chill at bay as winter continued to hang on well into May.

This past fall, I realized that I had a ridiculous amount of sock yarn (come to think of it, I STILL have a ridiculous amount of sock yarn…), and that most of it could be made into shawls.

The original plan was to painstakingly match the yarn to the patterns out there – patterns that would suit the color and makeup of the yarn.

It was painstaking, and I couldn’t make decisions, and so I never did anything.

Finally, I printed out some shawl patterns that I liked on Ravelry, took note of the yardage needed, and matched patterns to the yardage. Then I stuck the pattern and the yarn in a ziploc bag – a sort of “shawl kit,” if you will.

This is the box that my shawl kits live in

But I hadn’t knit a shawl since October. I did a bit of gift knitting, and some toy knitting, and then I fell into socks.

But I got the urge to knit another shawl earlier this week.

I cast on at a meetup, but, well, starting lace projects at a meetup isn’t always such a good idea. And if you’re easily distracted (like I am), then it’s even more challenging.

So I did a bit, but had to come home and rip it back.

But I got a good strong start on it last night. It’s more challenging than the sock patterns I’ve been working on, and I forgot how much I love that kind of thing.

Hopefully I’ll have a good picture of my progress soon. At the moment I’ve got a cat in the way, and the light in here sucks.


About Baldeesh

I'm a crafty and creative person. I live in Chicago with my 2 cats. I survived the Blizzard of 2011. I make my own soap. I also make my own yogurt. I love travel - especially to England and Scotland.
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